About Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell is a former digital marketer from a leading company and a marketing professor at Columbia University with a passion for writing and a strong desire to help students make their lives simpler. Currently, Sarah is one of the industry’s most experienced academic writers. But her path started a long time ago.

Today, Sarah specializes in digital marketing and all its branches. In particular, she has always been drawn to social media advertising and search engine optimization. To acquire the needed qualifications, Sarah Campbell completed her Bachelor’s and then Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Market Research at the University of Colorado Denver. To keep up with the rapidly changing industry and take her qualification even further, Sarah completed two additional marketing certifications from respectable schools: Cornell’s Marketing Strategy Certificate Program and Harvard Extension School’s Marketing Management and Digital Strategy.After years of studies and internships, Sarah Campbell landed a job in the marketing department at one of the world’s most respected companies — Google.

Having worked for over 6 years in a leading corporation, she honed her skills and excelled in the marketing niche even further. Eventually, this path has brought Sarah to Columbia University. As a professor, Sarah became an honored member of the American Marketing Association — one of the best-recognized organizations for marketing specialists. Also, she created a number of notable publications on innovative approaches and trends in SEO and social media marketing for leading scientific journals, such as the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS), and many others.

After notable and fruitful careers in the marketing and education sector, Sarah is now helping students achieve academic excellence and deepen their knowledge of marketing by providing essay writing services. She has long discovered her passion for writing and found her mission in helping college students cope with their academic challenges easily. Sarah Campbell leverages many years of hands-on experience and her professional outlook to simplify studies and help every student make a positive change in the future.

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